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Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe

Enjoy this easy vegan coleslaw sandwich bars that are so quick to put up as a meal or a snack.

Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Appliances used:

Boss Axe Chopper 

Ingredients for Coleslaw SandwichRecipe

  • Finely chopped cabbage
  • Boiled and steamed corn
  • Finely chopped capsicum
  • Mayonnaise
  • Black pepper powder
  • Sugar as required
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt to taste
  • Dried herbs oregano, thyme, basil or mixed herbs
  • Red chili flakes and finely chopped chilies
  • Butter
  • 8 to 10 slice of white or brown bread

1 – Rinse & chop the veggies cabbage, corn, capsicums in Boss Axe Chopper.
2- Add ¼ cup of mayonnaise, black pepper powder, sugar, and salt.
3- Add ½ tbsp of lemon juice. You can add red chili flake or dried herbs as per choice.
4 – Mix everything well. Taste once and add sugar or sugar as per your need.
5 – Take a bread slice and spread little butter over it.
6 – Now spread mayonnaise stuffing on the bread. Place butter sliced bread over the stuffing and slice the coleslaw sandwich.
7- Serve coleslaw sandwich with some french fries.