Coleslaw Sandwich Recipe

Enjoy this easy vegan coleslaw sandwich bars that are so quick to put up as a meal or a snack.

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Quinoa Dhokla Recipe

Here’s an easy recipe to make a healthier version of making a popular Indian healthy snack Dhokla. All the dhokla fans will enjoy eating this different version.

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Panipuri Khakhra Recipe

A perfect Indian nachos that can be enjoyed anytime to keep your taste buds happy. Enjoy the delicious taste of panipuri in khakhra form.

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Ribbon Sev Recipe

Ribbon Sev made up of various flours is one of the popular jar snacks in South India. Made from a dough of besan, wheat and dash of spices, this Ribbon sev is healthy and tasty.

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Baby Corn Pakodas Recipe

Baby Corn Pakodas is wonderfully crunchy and a light vegetable meal that can be prepared in less than an hour. It is easy to make and healthy recipes that will surely make you have it more.

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Pasta with Tangy Tomato Sauce Recipe

Freshly made pasta tossed with veggies and mingled with fresh tangy tomato sauce is a great steal for your kid’s hunger and solve all the tiffin problems as this is quick and can be easily packed.

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Moong Dal Vada Recipe

Recipe for making Chana Dal Vada is quite simple. The ingredients used are very few, easily available. The crispy vada with crunch from a few whole lentils makes this vada a special treat during a rainy day with a hot cup of tea.

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Basil Parsley Pesto Recipe

Pesto is a basil-based sauce which originated in Genoa, Italy. Works wonders with pasta, mayonnaise, as a sandwich spread, dips and for garnishing soups.
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Crispy Nutty Granola Bars

Start snacking healthy with this amazing and easy recipe for granola bar.  These are really the perfect bar for a hearty snack because they keep you full for hours and don’t provide a sugar overload.

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Methi Khakhra

‘Khakrah’ a full of flavours Gujarati snack that is thin & crisp. The secrete of having the best khakhra is rolling it perfectly thin and you can get that with the help of BOSS Crisp Roti Maker.

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Grilled Panini Sandwich

Enjoy delicious, Cheesy & Mouth watering Panini Sandwich whenever you feel like. A quick and easy sandwich recipe to fight your hunger pangs.

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Moong Dal Samosa

Have you had enough of aloo filled samosas? Then try making this Spicy Moonge Dal Samosa recipe and enjoy it with a cup of chai during this monsoon.

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Crispy Spinach & Cheese Spring Rolls

Who doesn’t like hot and crispy finger food during the monsoon season…try this crispy cheese spring roll with a healthy spinach twist this monsoon. Crunchy samosa Patti rolls, filled with a cheese and spicy spinach mixture. Serve them immediately to enjoy the taste of the melted mozzarella cheese.

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Veg Shami Kabab Recipe

A very simple to make vegetarian Shami Kabab recipe which is also known as the Chane Ke Kabab. These mouthwatering kebabs are loaded with proteins from the chickpeas.

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Methi Muthia

“Steam them, Season them, and Gobble them up!” Methi Muthia, a favorite snack from Gujarati cuisine, a steamed or fried dumpling made out of chickpeas flour and fenugreek leaves.

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Khoya Stuffed Matar Ki Tikki

A refreshing evening snack along with hot pipping tea. Crisp on the outside and sweet inside. This dish is mix of balance flavours with pea tikki stuffed with Khoya & Date filling.

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Achumurukku/Rosette cookies is a very popular dish in Kerala and is called as Achappam in Malayalam. It is one of the famous dish made during Diwali to distribute amongst friends and family.

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Dahi Kebab

Prepare healthy Dahi Kebab with cottage cheese, oats, yoghurt, raisins. It will surely have you come back for more.

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Methi Gota

Methi Gota is a Gujarati deep fried snack served during tea time. These are fritters made with besan/gram flour and fenugreek leaves.

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Soya Seekh Kebab

Soya Seekh Kebab is a tasty and nutritious starter to begin your meal. Add this Nutritious Soya as a part of your diet and try this tasty kebab recipe with BOSS Jumbo Griller.

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Baked Chakli

Chakli’s are popular Indian snack usually deep fried. In this recipe we show you how to bake chakli’s with just 1 tsp of oil in an oven.

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Corn Pakoda

Corn Pakoda is a delicious evening snack during tea time. This recipe will help you learn to make an oil free Corn Pakoda using BOSS Sharp Griller Toaster.

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Baked Kachori

Kachori’s are a delectable  dish. But having deep fried Kachoris is not an healthy option. Hence, we have brought to you the option of Baked Kachori’s. Don’t stop yourself from cravings of Kachori’s anymore. Prepare oil free and healthy Kachori’s to savour.

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Patra is sure to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride! it is sweet, spicy and salty—all at the same time. Here, nutritious and tasty colocasia leaves are stuffed with a spicy mixture that will take your taste buds to new world. Try this simple and easy recipe and let us know your views! Read More

How to make matar ki kachori

Matar Kachori

This winter whet your appetite with a luscious Matar Kachori recipe.

A crisp deep fried pastry, filled with spiced and mashed green peas is enough to make you feel famished. Read More

How to make gujarati khandvi at home


One of the best savory snacks recipe to have in this winters. Khandvi also know as Patuli or Dahivadi is a popular & traditional Gujarati cuisine.
So this weekend do try this delicious & mouthwatering snack! Read More

Sesame Toast Recipe – How to make sesame toast at home

Sesame Toast

This one recipe you shouldn’t miss, especially if you are running late. One of the tastiest recipe with a lot of nutritional value & just perfect for your breakfast snack or your kids lunch-box. Read More

Recipe of delicious paneer chilli

Paneer Chilli

Hot and spicy paneer chilli is an all time favorite delight. Its soft and crispy taste tempts everyone to have it, as it can be served as a starter and even like a main course. The best part is, its mouthwatering and easy to prepare. Read More

Corn cheese balls – Quick and easy recipe

Corn cheese balls

Corn cheese balls are the perfect option for a quick and easy recipe, which is loved by all and especially by kids. The combination of cheese and corn with a crispy taste tempts everyone for having it. These are very addictive and no one would ever resist for having it again and again. Read More

Herbed Makhana Recipe

Lotus seeds popularly known as Makhana is loved by all as a munching snack. Here we bring you a new flavor of makhanas roasted in olive oil. The peppy flavours of this roasted makhanas will be loved by your kids too! Read More