Basil Parsley Pesto Recipe

Pesto is a basil-based sauce which originated in Genoa, Italy. Works wonders with pasta, mayonnaise, as a sandwich spread, dips and for garnishing soups.
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Grilled Panini Sandwich

Enjoy delicious, Cheesy & Mouth watering Panini Sandwich whenever you feel like. A quick and easy sandwich recipe to fight your hunger pangs.

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Chatpata Paneer Sandwich

Paneer is high in protein and healthy for all age groups! Try this easy and quick recipe at home perfect for lazy evenings and weekends.

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Corn Chilly Toast

Corn Chilly toast is quick, easy and scrumptious evening snack to savory during the monsoon. We have prepared this scrumptious dish using BOSS Tosh Toaster.

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Sesame Toast Recipe – How to make sesame toast at home

Sesame Toast

This one recipe you shouldn’t miss, especially if you are running late. One of the tastiest recipe with a lot of nutritional value & just perfect for your breakfast snack or your kids lunch-box. Read More

Grilled Panini

This easy and appetizing Grilled Panini can be made without special Grill Pan! Now enjoy delicious Paninis whenever you feel like having one. Perfect to be served as starters when you have guests over and even as a main course on a boring week day! Read More

Mutter Stuff Sandwich

Sandwiches are something beloved by all the generations! We present you a new and quick variation of sandwich. Try this recipe this weekend and once again be the best cook for your family! Read More

Paneer Corn Sandwich

This delicious Paneer Corn Sandwich is absolutely easy to make and can be served anytime, anywhere. Make it for a weekend brunch or even on a day you don’t feel like making dinner. It’s light, healthy and filling and after all Paneer is a great source for Protein and Calcium! Read More

Samosa Sandwich

Samosas are normally kids favorite but it isn’t healthy to eat it often. So why not make it healthy with some changes? Make your samosa filling with raw bananas instead of using potatoes and stuff it in between breads and simply grill / toast it with minimum butter. You can easily give this in your kids tiffin!

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Multigrain Envelopes

Boss Star Griller is simply amazing and easy to handle! Did you know you can make a lot more creative dishes with Boss Star Griller. Check out a healthy and yummy recipe here:  Read More