Top Reasons Why you would Love Hand Blenders?

Help blender or side blender can be an essential kitchen helper.  Hand blenders come in different styles and types. It can meet your primary need and provide the performance that you are looking for.  Some hand blender manufacturers of these portable gadgets provide primary blending abilities while others provide additional accessories that lead to other kitchen uses as well. Read More

Product Launch you need to know about this Navratri!

BOSS Home Appliances is ruling the Indian market since 1985 by launching Hand Blenders for the first time in India. It was undoubtedly the pioneering concept of that time. This landmark product also marked the launch of BOSS Home Appliances which is also known as an asset to every kitchen. Read More

5 Kitchen Appliances That Have Simplified Lives

Working in the kitchen of a household is no less than running an organization. There are numerous tasks that a person has to carry out in the process of cooking, presenting and serving meals. This is especially true for Indian households, where almost all meals made in the house are four course meals. Kitchen appliance manufacturers have gradually come to understand the kind of hard work that goes into the process of cooking, which is why they keep coming up with newer and more innovative appliances to make the task of home makers, easier. Read More