Dabeli Masala Powder

Spice up your kitchen with Dabeli Masala powder! Let the spicy flavor make your family and guest go GaGa over the dish.

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How to buy a Best Mixer Grinder?

When working in a kitchen, there are a lot of things that surround a user. Right from a simple kitchen napkin to the huge two door refrigerator, everything plays its own unique part in the process of cooking. When a good meal needs to be cooked, it is important to understand the importance of each item that is used in the course of cooking.  One most commonly used appliance in the kitchen is the mixer grinder. Read More

5 Ways to make your Cooking Easier and Faster with Mixer Grinder

In the fast paced world where people have no time for anything but work, it has become increasingly important for manufacturers and designers of food processing products to make sure that the consumers are offered the most convenient and time save gadgets. The Indian mixer grinder is one such product that helps the aspirant users to concentrate their priorities on work after the cooking processes are sped up. Here are a number of ways in which the cooking processes can be made easier and quicker with the help of the grinder. Read More

Product Launch you need to know about this Navratri!

BOSS Home Appliances is ruling the Indian market since 1985 by launching Hand Blenders for the first time in India. It was undoubtedly the pioneering concept of that time. This landmark product also marked the launch of BOSS Home Appliances which is also known as an asset to every kitchen. Read More

5 Kitchen Appliances That Have Simplified Lives

Working in the kitchen of a household is no less than running an organization. There are numerous tasks that a person has to carry out in the process of cooking, presenting and serving meals. This is especially true for Indian households, where almost all meals made in the house are four course meals. Kitchen appliance manufacturers have gradually come to understand the kind of hard work that goes into the process of cooking, which is why they keep coming up with newer and more innovative appliances to make the task of home makers, easier. Read More