Paneer-Moong Dal Paratha

Moong Dal Paratha is simple and quick recipe, perfect for the occasion of Paryushan. The unique combination of Paneer and moong dal makes it delicious and mouth watering. Read More

Moong dal Pudla

Moong Dal is rich in protiens and very healthy. On the occasion of Paryushan, we present you yummy Moong Dal pudlas. Tastes best when served hot with coconut chutney! Read More

Kutchhi Modak

Modak is loved by everyone in Gujarat but is a very special recipe for paryushan too! The charismatic flavor of Jaggery and nutmeg powder with the richness of Ghee makes you irresistible to have them. These modaks can be stored for 15 – 20 days but it tastes best when served hot. Read More

Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla is a famous gujarati snack which is loved internationally. This can be consumed anytime in the day. We a have a little twist to these dhoklas w.r.t the paryushan parva. And it’s quite easy to make! Read More

Dal Baati Churmi

This 3 in 1 dish is a typical Rajasthani treat. A platter of semi-sweet Churma, spicy Dal and deep-fried Baati, is one such traditional combination. Try this recipe with a little innovation for the occasion of Paryushan. Read More

Puran Polis

Puran Polis can be made of chana dal as well as toovar dal. Its unique flavour and characteristic aroma can be attributed to the special indian spices used.  Read More

Mawa Makhana

Mawa Makhana is an apt recipe for paryushan. We are sure your family will definitely praise you for this dish! Read More

Puri Chaat

“Chaat”, the word itself is so mouthwatering, isn’t it? And Puri Chaat is something which is loved by kids as well as adults. Here’s an innovation in the recipe…

Read More

Mexican Tacos

Think of Mexican cuisine and tacos is the first thing that come to mind. Making tacos involves a long process, however anything made at home is always more tasty and satisfying! Read More

Paneer Pakora

Pakoras taste best when consumed hot. Paneer pakoras are wonderful tea time snack that will leave you and your family licking their fingertips!

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