Baklava – Middle-Eastern dessert

Baklava is a Middle-Eastern dessert that is flaky, crisp, tender and perfectly balanced with the honey-lemon syrup. This homemade baklava recipe is much better than any store-bought version.  Read More

Orange Basundi

Basundi” – a traditional Gujarati and Maharashtrian (western Indian) sweet dish and is prepared by thick and creamy milk or rabdi and garnished with almonds and pistachio nuts. Orange basundi is one beautiful and classic dish which will impress you at once.
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Kesar Phirni

Phirni is a delicacy from the state of Punjab and is made with grounded rice and thickened milk. Kesar (saffron) is one such ingredient, which makes the dish more aromatic as well as tasty. Kesar Phirni is a simple dish, which can be prepared by following a few easy steps.

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Veg Shami Kabab Recipe

A very simple to make vegetarian Shami Kabab recipe which is also known as the Chane Ke Kabab. These mouthwatering kebabs are loaded with proteins from the chickpeas.

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A simple recipe made with very simple ingredients. you cant even guess that this dessert has bottle gourd in it. This dessert is quite medley of bottle gourd and rice kheer. Gil-e-Firdaus is must have Dessert in most of Hyderabad wedding functions

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Sheer Kurma

Sheer Kurma is a typical dessert prepared on the eve of Eid. It is a vermicelli pudding prepared in sweetened milk and dried dates. Dates being the primary content of this delicacy.

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Rose Falooda

Rose Falooda is one of the easiest and simplest Eid desserts to prepare. It is served as a cool welcome drink to all the guests who come to visit your place during Eid. It is a refreshing drink that is loved by all.

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Kesar Jalebi

Jalebi is everyone’s favourite sugary & crispy sweet This EID, satisfy your taste buds with a kesari blend to it. Kesar Jalebi is a delicious mithai that you can make at home. It is a bit lengthy procedure but trust us, it is worth the wait to have this lip smacking sweet dish.

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Rabri is a traditional Indian dessert and is often a part of celebrations and festivals. It can be made in a number of ways like Badam Rabri, Mango Rabri, Rose Rabri and Pista Rabri. It is one of those dishes where you can experiment with taste and flavours.

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Malpua is a North Indian dish prepared during the festive season. It is prepared with maida and semolina. It is more popular in the states of UP, Rajasthan and West Bengal. It is also a dish prepared during the festival of Eid as dessert savouries.

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Badam Kheer

Badam Kheer is one of the easiest and popular dishes during the fasting period of Ramadan. Badam Kheer is a popular dish and a must during the festive of Eid.

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Mithi Seviyan

Seviyan is also known as semiya in hindi. Mithi seviyan is a quick dessert made during the festive time. Mithi seviyan is a popular dish and a must during the festive season of Eid. It is a dish that is often prepared during Ramadan for iftaar. It is also one of the easiest dishes to prepare.

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Baklava Rolls

Baklava is a middle eastern sweet/dessert made from phyllo sheets and nuts that are soaked in sugar syrup. If you have the ready made phyllo sheets, you can make these baklava rolls in about 30 minutes and have an exquisite dessert for the festive season. Read More