10 Tiffin Recipes You Need To Know!

Thinking about a snack for your kid’s tiffin can be really tedious. Kids can be fussy at times and coming up with something different every time can be challenging. But we have a quick fix for you – here are 10 simple and delicious recipes you can easily make and give it in their lunchbox!


1. Oatmeal Uttapam– When oats gets boring for a morning breakfast, try out this variation and make a power packed lunch!


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2. Multigrain Envelopes – Plain old roti-sabzi always comes back home in the tiffin. Instead, mix different grains and prepare this healthy and filling version


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3. Spicy Vegetable Fried Rice – Who doesn’t love delicious, spicy fried rice? So why not make it at home itself and kids would even eat it in the tiffin without any fuss!


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4. Paneer Corn Sandwich– If your kid is not a big fan of dairy products, then this is a great way to feed him some healthy cottage cheese for a dose of calcium!

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5. Mutter Stuff Sandwich–If you’re bored of the same usual sandwich stuffing, try out this variant with fresh green peas and give a new twist to sandwiches!


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6. Sweet Corn Dhokla – Why restrict Dhoklas only for the Sunday breakfast? Stuffed with sweet corn, make this version even for the tiffin to give a break from the everyday lunch.


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7. Murukku – Munching snacks is something all kids always want. But it’s not always good to have so much of market bought snacks. Make this crispy Murukkus now at home itself!


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8. Stuffed Veggie Paratha–If your kids eat all the veggies without any fuss, then you’re one lucky parent! But if they don’t then this is the hack for you.


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9. Coleslaw with Khakhra – This is such a great treat and also so easy to make! But make sure to pack some extra for their friends too!


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10. Bread Pakora – When bored of everything else, go for a fried and filling snack once in a month, it’s a change from routine and definitely a way to avoid outside street food!

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